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Cosmetic Crowns

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Unlike Veneers crowns cover the whole surface of the tooth, crowns are used to strengthen a damaged or weakened tooth when a tooth becomes too damaged to repair with a filling.

It is also possible to close spaces known as diastemas to produce a more uniform smile. Veneers are also often used to rectify any defects and protect eroded enamel to prevent further deterioration.

Crowns are often referred to as a ‘cap’ these sit over the top of the natural tooth to protect and add strength.

As well as preserving the functional element crowns are ideal for cosmetic purposes to change the shape and alignment of teeth and covering imperfections. Crowns and porcelain restorations alike can be beautifully shade matched for a natural appearance.

We offer both conventional and cosmetic crowns, conventional crowns are porcelain bonded to metal often used to restore molar teeth for functional purposes and cosmetic crowns are completely porcelain (metal free) usually placed on front teeth for a natural tooth like appearance without the grey margin often visible with conventional crowns.

Function of a crown

  • Replaces a cracked or leaking filling
  • Replaces a large filling
  • Restores a fractured or broken tooth
  • Covers a discoloured or misshapen tooth
  • Covers a dental implant
  • Covers a tooth that has had root canal treatment